Sunday, October 18, 2009

Patriotism & Identity Crisis

Well, getting hit by the Identity crisis when you are 25 is not good at all, no?

This one is specific to the way I feel when someone says 'I'm an Indian' ...

Yup, u r rite in sniggering, these questions often confound the desi brains when he/she is in a foreign world.

Silly as it may seem, but this question popped up in my mind a few weeks back, when I read an article in the news about China asserting its claims on Arunachal Pradesh ...

Why do I feel the anger in my belly, when a pestilent nation rakes up this non-issue (in my and countless other Indian's mind, I bet!) ... Why do I feel my blood boil at the thought of conceding even a single district - Tawang, of the 16 districts in that state to this noisy, roguish nation??
I've fantasized about visiting the NE states at least once in my lifetime, but have not even been there yet ... nor do I know of anyone from that part of the country ..

Does it really matter what I feel? What really makes me feel as an Indian? Is it just Bollywood & cricket which binds us mainland ppl wth the Assamese or the Manipuris or the Nagas or in this case the Arunachalis??

Why do I feel this kinship with them? Is it because I've been always taught so since I was in school?? Would I feel the same if I was a slacker in school and never ever opened the Geography texts unless I could barely pass??

Why does this piece of info cause me this unease?? Of course, this is not going to make the slightest bit of difference to my day-to-day life, whether here in the US or back home in Pune ...
Why does it bother me so, then??

What exactly is this Patriotism everyone talks about?? When will or will I ever get to experience and feel it?

Why do I feel compelled to even bother about such news???

I dunno, hope I will get the answers in the near future ...

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